The 2010 Year in Review (Or, Sex T-Rex: Season One)

Sexual Tyrannosaurus technically formed in the winter of 2008 for the ITC Cage Match tournament, a lark proposed by Julian to keep us motivated in the post-theatre school vacuum. Over the course of a few months we met most of our extended improv family, most notably Matt Folliott and The Jeremy Birrell Show. After pursuing individual projects Matt contacted us to start a monthly show with JBS at Comedy Bar in January of 2010- this would coincide with our appearances at the sorely-missed Short Notice Show, where we were becoming regular acts.

Our appearances at SNS and Sex With Jeremy led to a number of other show opportunities, both for the group and for us as individuals. At our peak last winter we averaged a show a week, often as many as three, in venues all over Toronto,
as well as appearances in Montreal, London, and Ottawa.

In late August we produced our first independent show, Sex T-Rex & Friends at the Free Times Cafe. After four monthly appearances there we negotiated a bi-monthly schedule for 2011, in addition to the continuation of the second season of Sex W/ Jeremy at Comedy Bar and our new show Callaghan! at Bad Dog Theatre.

We have agreements to perform in BYOVs at the Montreal and Ottawa Fringes, and a slot at the Ottawa Improv Festival in March.

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