The Scene

Last night we had the privilege of being a part of The Scene, a new weekly show at Comedy Bar just before Sunday Night Live. A friend of the team, Dinesh has been busy assembling the best independent groups of improv, sketch, and stand-up performers in the city as a means of consolidating the incredible talent in Toronto.

We got to watch the always charming Steph Tolev, the impossibly cute Big Tease, the up-and-coming Faceplant, and personal favourites of mine Statutory Jape. Jape had a great running joke about Watson, and I can never get enough Arthur Conan Doyle humour.

Thanks to Oliver Georgiou we got to do a break-down of Leon: The Professional, and got some of the best character traits we’ve ever received. Starring Robin as the titular assassin (Now a cyborg), Seann in Natalie Portman’s break-out role (With man-hands), Conor as the hapless father (smelly fat), and Colin as Gary Oldman. (With a peg-leg and crippling cheerios addiction.)

Big thanks to Dinesh for putting the show together and, as always, Mark Andrada for his timely use of lights to signify our time limit.

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