Last Week & This Week

If you didn’t catch Sex with Jeremy this week, you missed one of the most epic shows we’ve ever done. We had TWO amazing groups up from Montreal: the totally fresh and unique Venezuela, and their friends The Bitter End. Both groups put on spectacular shows alongside us and Jeremy Birrell Show. Big thanks to Vinny, Sean, Marc, Brent, Etan, Vanessa, & Dan for joining us at Comedy Bar.

Coming up we’ve got our SEVENTH (Holy crap!) Sex T-Rex & Friends at Free Times Cafe this Sunday, featuring Bob Banks, Isaac Kessler, Cameron Algie, (From Jeremy Birrell Show) Steve Hobbs, and Steve Baerwald. Plus semi-regulars The Sequels (Marcel Dragonieri, Laura Bailey, Jessica Beaulieu, Jordan Roth, Alex Champlin, & Deanna Palazzo) and Ryan Murray. As a special treat this week Matt Folliott will be performing with Alana Johnston LIVE VIA SKYPE from Los Angeles! Come see history in the making. The show will, of course, be hosted by Sex T-Rex and the dashing Mr Daniel Dwoskin.

Love, Munch

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