Sex T-Rex Presents at the Montreal and Ottawa Fringe

After much planning, hard work, and many, many e-mails Sex T-Rex is ready to launch our first multi-city tour! Starting June 9th in Montreal the gang will spend two and a half weeks cramming themselves into Seann’s Focus, sleeping on whisper-thin mattresses in tiny rooms, and blowing their share of ticket sales on plastic cup booze the way Science intended.

We’ll be traveling and hanging out with some of the best young creative talent Canadian theatre has to offer including Venezuela, Frenzy, Uncalled For, Insensitivity Training, The Pheasant Pucker’s Mates, & Steve Boleantu.  We’re incredibly excited and honoured to be sharing the insanities of touring with these fine people and you absolutely cannot go wrong with one of the shows listed above.

In addition to our own shows we’ll be opening for Venezuela Friday June 10 @ 9:30 (Right before our show, hint-hint) and Wednesday June 15 @ 10:45. Colin will also be appearing in Uncalled For’s Trial of the Century, fighting for his life against Dan, Matt, and Anders.

For a full rundown of our shows check out the tabs above or visit the Montreal Improv & Ottawa Fringe websites.

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