Fringe Buzz!

More than midway through our Grand Experiment I thought I’d compile a list of the press we’ve been getting. Since opening in Ottawa we’ve had five Media Passes on our box office tally, so expect this lis to be updated further as we go along.

Montreal Mirror:

To re-contextualize Mark Twain’s famous quote about New England weather, if you don’t like collectively lanky Toronto improvisational quintet Sexual Tyrannosaurus, just wait a few minutes. In a mat­ter of seconds the team went from staging an assassination of a yogurt magnate, to re-enacting Hulk Hogan’s traumatizing childhood. Forget a busy week, this crew pack a bewildering amount of weird­ness and non-sequiturs in under an hour. None of it will make any sense, but the funny bone never cared much for continuity anyway. (EL)

Apt613 (An advance article on must-see shows at Ottawa Fringe):

Advance reports from the Montreal Fringe Festival suggest this is hilarious. Every night is a new “episode” of an action/adventure series, improvised from ideas collected through social media and live audience suggestions.

Apt613‘s Review:

Brilliantly performed by Toronto comedy group Sexual Tyrannosaurus (Sex T-Rex) —five guys who play fifty roles (even Callaghan’s long lost love, Muriel)—their style is the opposite of pretentiousness, which can all-too-easily creep into improv. These guys just look like they’re having fun: nerdy, nerdy, fun. Not to mention that instead of relying on the f-word, puns, and dildo innuendo, the show employs quick wit and an immense amount of physical comedy…

Capital Critics Circle:

Jack Callaghan- international adventurer and seeker of justice. What will he do next? That’s entirely up to you in this hilarious improvisational, audience-centric comedy. Although there were minor things to be worked on- the music was slightly too loud for the classroom space and sometimes the blocking could have been just a little bit better- overall this performance was a delight. The Toronto comedy troupe Sexual Tyrannosaurus (Sex T-Rex) does a great job of presenting a funny sketch based on the exciting life of Callaghan. Particularly impressive was their ability to keep the play from rambling, as so often happens in improv. The actors really came together with just enough self consciousness to do away with any possibilities of pretentiousness. A great comedy that had the audience cracking up in their seats.

Rock on!

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