JACK CALLAGHAN is a man who has lost everything. Mourning the tragic death of his wife, he is pulled from the bottom of a whiskey bottle by his old friend and mentor SAL, who tells him of an evil plot by the sinister DR. VON HANDERSTOPP to seize the HUNAB KU- a Mayan relic of unspeakable power. Will JACK defeat the darkness within himself, or will the jungle claim another soul?

An action-packed comedy blockbuster brought to you by acclaimed Toronto improv troupe Sex T-Rex, Callaghan brings all the drama, tension, and excitement of a major action film to live theatre using a seamless blend of scene painting, stage combat, scripted & improvised comedy, a full soundtrack, physical theatre, and dance.

CALLAGHAN is a truly unique theatrical property. Originally created as a fully improvised serial for the Bad Dog Theatre, Colin Munch & Seann Murray have adapted it into a scripted play called The Wings of the Butterfly. Sex T-Rex continues to present CALLAGHAN in both its scripted and unscripted forms.

Callaghan is Josef Addleman, Conor Bradbury, Kaitlin Morrow, Colin Munch, Etan Muskat, & Seann Murray featuring choreography by Robin Henderson, fights by Kevin MacPherson, and stage management by Lindsay Junkin


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