Jack Callaghan


Special Skills: Unarmed Combat, Paleoanthropology, Class A Boating Licence (Suspended

Weakness: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Threat Level: Ultraviolet

Jack Callaghan is a mercurial enigma in a leather jacket and boots. Known in some circles as a selfless humanitarian, in others as a cutthroat gun-for-hire, Callaghan’s official dossier borders on legend.  He has been implicated in countless international incidents, from the Underground Valkyrie Drone Project to the bizarre Mombasa Bazaar fiasco. He was described by Viscount Dualla of the Free Tigers as possessing “The cunning of the Panther and the subtlety of the Sledgehammer.” and General Frieda Alvaro as “Highly dateable.” His current whereabouts are unknown.

Played by Colin Munch / Etan Muskat

Bryce “Sal” Salvatore

Special Skills: Demolitions, Diplomacy, Heart of Gold

Weakness: Lungs

Threat Level: Taupe (Rises to Vermilion in association w/ Jack Callaghan)

Though their relationship is as rocky as that of estranged father and son, Salvatore is Jack’s most trusted companion.  Sal began his life of adventure in a Boot Camp at Carlisle, Pennsylvania and now has faithful contacts in the CIA, NSA and US Marine Corps. His fingers on the pulse of global politics, Sal’s network of informants and inside men keep Jack Callaghan a very busy man.  Sal was once every bit the man of action that Jack is now and, though his age has afforded him the gift of hindsight, his words of caution often fall on deaf ears.

Walton Scoggins

Special Skills: Computer Hacking, Access to Wikipedia, Zergling Rush

Weakness: Weak

Threat Level: Marigold

Plucked from a Yale computer engineering lab by the FBI, Walton was racing to the top of Homeland Security’s Digital Terror Watch List before he finished High School. Saved from federal prison by the NSA, Walt received an ultimatum: join an international anti-terror task force, or face life in prison. Walt chose the former, where he and Jack developed a ‘friendship’ that, although frequently resulting in the thankless exploitation of Walt’s talents, is the best he’s got. When Jack joined Sal and went rogue, he promised Walt a cut of the profits in his new venture- neither man has looked back since.

Muriel Winters-Callaghan

Special Skills: Former X-Games Champion, Speed Reading, Sick Bassist

Weakness: Deceased

Threat Level: N/A

Muriel attended Amherst College in Massachusetts where she majored in History of Art and Asian Languages and Civilizations. In her rare off-hours she was an avid free-climber, free-diver, motorcycle enthusiast, amateur linguist and bassist for a local bar band, “Shambhala”. It is unclear when she met Jack Callaghan, but a listing in the Hampshire County marriage records includes the union of Muriel Winter and Jack Callaghan on a summer’s day during her Masters year. After Muriel’s graduation friends and roommates reported long absences, often punctuated with the late-night appearance of a man on a motorcycle. She often returned from these trysts with exotic new decor for her apartment but never revealed its origin.

Dr. Klaus Von Handerstopp

Special Skills: Union Busting, Watch Repair, Master of Dentistry

Weakness: Unable to care for pets

Threat Level: Onyx

Klaus’ father, Volkmar Von Handerstopp, rose from humble beginnings as a watchmaker in Vienna to become a steel and auto magnate for Nazi Germany.  Acquiring great wealth at the expense of his morality, he was executed at Nuremberg after the war, his son has spent much of his life distancing himself from his father’s politics. Von Handerstopp is currently the CEO of a powerful mining conglomerate and an internationally recognised patron of archaeology, despite his reputation for ruthless labour practices and multiple citations for unsafe working conditions. Recently implicated in the disastrous Baia Mare Spill, called the worst environmental disaster in Europe since Chernobyl, Von Handerstop’s connections ensured the negative impact on his company was minimal.

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