Crime After Crime (after crime)


On the rainy streets of Crime City 1952, Nic Beige is a colourblind Private Eye in a world where morality isn’t always black and white. In 1972, a time of rebellion, four slick and stylish criminals fight the power of City Hall by emptying their vaults in the Crime of the Century. Then, in the sun and surf of 1992 (thanks, global warming!) two tough-as-nails cops tackle a conspiracy that’s almost as hard to understand as… each other! Murder, mystery, car-chases, laser grids and plenty of explosions await in this razor-sharp crime period comedy.


“one brilliantly-conceived moment of physical comedy after another” – Montreal Gazette

“charming and electric, and features some really impressive fight choreography”  –Broadway World

“high-energy production that mixes clever word play with imaginative physical and prop comedy ” –Cult Montreal

“We’re lucky to get this one as a premiere and you should run to get your tickets before the shows sell out.” –Montreal Rampage

“This is likely the most entertaining hour you can spend at Fringe.” – Bad Feeling Magazine

Catch Crime After Crime (after Crime) at the Montreal Fringe Festival!