The Realm of T’Rannah

The Realm of T’Rannah is a wild and wonderous place. At every show, our PCs (paying customers) help decide where our intrepid heroes will voyage to by picking a location on their map found in their players handbooks.


1 – The Hellhound’s Adventurer’s Guild (Bad Dog Comedy Theatre)

This was our heroes’ old haunt before Drofguad the Terrible unleashed darkness o’er the land. It’s a cheery, multi-culture/race/classial place where adventurers come to get employment, either with quests posted with ALBERTA the barkeep (a lizard-man from points west) or from townsfolk who come in with emergencies.

2 – Chrispy Pits (Christie Pits Park)

The Chrispy Pits are supposed to be a sort of “Death Mountain” style volcanic hellscape – your standard “Final World” of a video game. Firey volcanoes, rivers of lava and monster lairs abound.  The twist is that monsters think of them as a pretty chill place to hang out. Dragons hold drum circles, Golems get day drunk and Demons go slacklining. Note that fire is particularly dangerous to Tabitha, who can’t regenerate damage from fire.

3 – Trinity Bellwoode (Trinity Bellwoods Park)

The Trinity Bellwoode is an ancient, mystical, primeval forest that is home to both faeries and elementals and also enterprising humanoids looking to capitalize on the Woode’s verdant natural resources. Within is the Trinity Bell, an ancient relic of old T’Rannah with mysterious powers.

4 – Fort Ork (Fort York)

Fort Ork is a remnant of times past. Shortly before our campaign began, a terrible, years-long war was fought between the Orks and the Alliance of T’Rannah- an alliance of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dark Elves and even the Undead Lichdom of the Scarred Lands. Fort Ork is a bastion of those Orkish forces- where the nastiest Orks still marshal forces from across the Great Lake and plot to overthrow the realm. It is a war camp with high watchtowers, burning campfires and much traditional Orkish infighting.

5 – The Ruins of Forthright Ed’s (Honest Ed’s former site)

Once a great and beloved bazaar that helped travellers pass through the Desert of Apathy, Ed’s was destroyed by the power-hungry Khan Dough when he tried to fill the skies of T’Rannah with great glass towers. Ed’s lies in ruins, but the ghost of the old huckster still haunts the site, and rumour has it that many treasures still lie buried in the rubble. Along with plenty of monsters, naturally.

6 – Sneaky Deeds (Sneaky Dee’s)

A lonely longhouse in the middle of the tractless Desert of Apathy, this hive of scum and villainy is known far and wide as the Thief’s guild of T’Rannah. All manner of scoundrels and rogues gather here to fence goods, practice the arts of shadow, and eat nachos. Sneaky Deeds is ruled over by the King of Thieves, or was until he was brutally murdered, leaving a power vacuum.

7 – The Paddock Tavern (The Paddock Tavern)

An inn at the crossroads where weary, thirsty travellers gather to celebrate 4 A.M. last call, The Paddock can be a dangerous place for odd-looking outsiders like our heroes. Rangers lurk in the corners, thugs start bar fights and the classic trappings of a Fantasy Tavern are all up ons. The Paddock’s owner, a laconic Ex Soldier from the Dan Fort named Nico, raises some of the finest horses in T’Rannah.

8 – Castle Ohma (Casa Loma)

9 – R.uins O.f M.agic (Royal Ontario Museum – ROM)

10 – The Sky Dome (SkyDome)

11 – The Sacred City (Second City)

12 – T’Rannah Island (Toronto Islands)

13 – Queen’s Park (Queen’s Park)

14 – The Tomb of Eton (Eaton’s Centre)

15 – The Mountains of Finance (Financial District)

16 – The Tower of T’Rannah (CN Tower)

17 – Cabbagetown (Cabbagetown)

18 – The Dan Fort (The Danforth)

19 – Riverdale (Riverdale)

20 – The Beaches (The Beaches … it’s not The Beach … it’s The Beaches!)