Swinging from chandeliers, damsels in distress, deserted islands, wedding interruptions and swordfights, swordfights, swordfights await in Sex T-Rex’s new high-action meloromantic Play of Swords!

Dancing from fairy-tale to video game to fantasy epic to literary classic like an assassin at a Masquerade Ball, Sex T-Rex dips its rapier wit into all things sordid and sworded and brings them to the stage in cinematic style.

The Reviews for SwordPlay are in!   Click the source for full reviews: 

SwordPlay won the Just For Laughs award for Best Comedy at the 2015 Montreal Fringe, Best Comedy at the 2016 Atlantic Fringe and Pick of the Fringe and The B.C. Touring Council Award at the 2017 Vancouver Fringe!


“proves why they consistently sell out at the summer Fringe”- Toronto Star

“a joy from top to bottom”- Slotkin and Fisher at the Theatre

“(a) swashbuckling romp of epic proportions” (NNNN) – NOW Magazine

“subverts the boring tropes that women get relegated to in fairytales”- My Entertainment World

“So please, go see SwordPlay. Please, please, please go see it” – Mooney On Theatre

“… joyous, swashbuckling nostalgia-filled romp… this is a show for everyone. Expect it to sell out.”  – Deneh’Cho Thompson

“Laugh out loud funny” – Vancouver Presents

“Perfect Adventure Comedy… Damnit I loved this.” ( 5 Stars) –Vue Weekly

“Feats of Artistry” –Edmonton Journal

“Live theatre with something everyone secretly wants: a video game on legs, with references they can’t fail to get”- Liz Nichols, 12th Night

“Sheer, unrelenting comic force” ( 5 Stars- Top 10 Fringe Pick) –CBC Manitoba

“Swords, swords, swords, swords” (4 1/2 Stars) – Winnipeg Free Press

“There’s a reason why they are Fringe favourites here and across Canada”- Crew Magazine

“sheer joy in stage form” – The Mind Reels

“inspired, imaginative and first-rate comedic theatrical magic.” – My Entertainment World

“proves that theatre is still the perfect medium for creating the impossible” 5 Stars – TWISI Theatre Blog 

“the most exhilarating show yet from a hyper-kinetic company” 5 Stars – Torontoist 

“fast paced and clever” NNNN – Now Magazine

“Not to be missed” – ArtsVox

“Amazing physical comedy and sharp performances” –In the Green Room

“a crazy fun explosion of comedy and stage physicality, and if you’re not entertained—well, you may just be a total grump.” – Mooney On Theatre

Their shows challenge the limits of the stage play. With very simple props, they create the grand special effects of cinema by asking the audience to suspend reality and play along. This one is a not miss.” – Montreal Rampage

If you’re interested in checking out a show for the Montreal Fringe Festival, this show is sure to prove one of the best the festival has to offer.” – BWW Reviews

 “so epic, it transcended comedy…” –Re:Stage Reviews

“Sword sword sword sword sword sword!” – Montreal Gazette

and some selected tweets and #fringebuzz:

“Sex T-Rex does it again this year.  Games of Thrones meets Princess Bride!”

@sextrex knock it out of the park again.  After seeing SwordPlay went immediately home to play Nintendo for the rest of my life.”

“Guys, can I just say that @sextrex shows are what Action Movies want to be when they grow up?”


SwordPlay: A Play of Swords opened in June at the 25th Montreal Fringe Festival at Theatre St. Catherine.
and played to sold out crowds at the Al Green Theatre as a part of the Toronto Fringe Festival!


With Original Direction by ALEC TOLLER

and Fight Choreography by KEVIN MACPHERSON


 Lighting Design by MEG MAGUIRE

Stage Management by STEPHANIE MALEK





3 thoughts on “SwordPlay

  1. I just found out that you are at Montreal Fringe…

    It’s too late at night to make a really good satisfyin “squee” noise so I left this comment instead

    But if the sun was shining I’d be squealing like a drunk girl

    for Sex T-Rex

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