Toronto Fringe 2018

SEX T-REX: D&D Live wins Best of Fringe! Hooray! Thank you to everyone who came to support the Fringe run.

Join a party of award winning comedians in this improvised love-letter to the world’s most popular role-playing game. Set in a fantasy Toronto, our heroes will have to tackle dangers like the Tomb of Eton or perhaps even a fire-spitting Drake! You may even be called upon to take up the twenty sided Die of Power and roll to determine the resounding successes (or critical failures) of our intrepid adventurers. D&D Live is unscripted adventure comedy at its finest, and a delight for both the uninitiated and epic-level nerds!

Conor BradburyRonoc the Necromancer
Kyah GreenFinley the Rogue
Liz JohnstonMeriderr the Druid
Sean TabaresTabitha Houseman the Troll for sure human…
Chris WilsonChesterfield the Bard
and Seann Murray as The Dungeon Master

With NPCs:
Josef Addleman
Julian Frid
Ted Hambly
Isabel Kanaan
Stephanie Malek
Kaitlin Morrow