D&D Live!


"...too funny to be missed!" -Mooney on Theatre
"A true replication of the Dungeons and Dragons experience, 
framed through a hilarious and effortlessly engaging improv show. 
Presented by the proud nerdlingers of Sex T-Rex, 
striking true with blows of hilarity." -Canada Laughs

D&D Live first ran at Comedy Bar in 2012 and was produced by the Bad Dog Theatre Company.  Since then, hundreds of PCs (Playing Customers) have visited the Realm of T’Rannah over the course of four full-fledged campaigns.  Campaign V of D&D Live! is the first of the series to be produced by Sex T-Rex and the first to present an ongoing monthly show.


Chris Wilson as Chesterfield, the Human Bard

Sean Tabares as Tabitha, the Troll

Conor Bradbury as Ronoc, the Dark Elven Necromancer

and Liz Johnston as Meriderr the Elven Durid




Joe Addleman, Julian Frid, Steph Malek, Ted Hambly, and Kaitlin Morrow


Dungeon Mastered by Seann Murray


D&D Live plays at the Bad Dog Comedy Theatre on the last Monday of every month at 8PM.  




Coming Soon: Photos, Lore, Sick Prestige Classes and More!