The high-action, quick-drawin’, whiskey-drenched “Watch Out Wildkat!” (Yer Dealin’ With the Devil) is Sex T-Rex’s third fully scripted Action-Comedy.  It Premiered in an exclusive preview at Toronto’s Comedy Bar at 8PM on June 5th, and then traveled to the 2014 Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Atlantic Fringe Festivals!  
“Ridin’ the ranges, searchin’ for the man who killed her Pa, dime-novel legend WildKat MacReady learns that the Devil and a pistol may just be the only friends she’ll ever have…”
Guaranteed to have the most cowboy hats per capita of any show you see this year.



Winner of Audience Choice and 2014 Best of Festival in the Atlantic Fringe Fest and the only play in the 2014 Montreal Fringe to be nominated for both Just For Laughs’ Best English Comedy and Centaur Theatre’s Best English Produc’tion, Watch Out WildKat  first opened in Montréal to some fantastic preview and reviews.  We had pre-fringe shout outs from Montréal’s The Main and the Visitorium, and Toronto’s NOW Magazine, and these Reviews:

“* * * * *- This play is a fast-moving, high-energy, side-splitting romp that grabs you and takes you on a galloping ride through the Wild West.”

– Rosie Fernandez, CBC Manitoba


“* * * * *- an exceptional collaborative effort; we doubt there’s a cast in this year’s festival that’s working as smoothly (or having as much fun).”

– Steve Fischer, The Torontoist

“* * * * *- The choreography is jaw-droppingly brilliant. The writing is extremely sharp. The acting is A-1. Film buffs will be delighted by the cinematic references that abound. Toronto’s Sex T-Rex Collective has created a show so funny and clever that it is truly a Fringe must-see. “

– Kate Watson, The Coast

“NNNN- (Sex T-Rex) expertly weave countless characters in and out of a complex story that visits some unexpected places and delivers many laughs”

– NOW Magazine

“****…a relentless and entertaining stampede of cowboy clichés.” (Prokosh Pick, 2014)Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press

“…super high energy, story-telling tricks and lightning character shifts…” – Elissa Bernard, The Chronicle Herald

“…Futurama’s comedic style with a sprinkle of Tarantino’s punchy dialogue.” – The Charlebois Post

“…hysterical, cinematic, and physical comedy-based (take) on the Western movie…” –Artsvox (July 9, 2014)

“…a remarkable comic team who positively ooze with chemistry…”     –Mooney on Theatre

“…a wickedly funny “Buddy Film” set in the Wild West”    –Montreal Rampage

“****… a barrel full of fun.”    – On Stage (Ottawa)

“an early contender for the best show of the Fringe” – Bloody Underrated

“If you see one comedic play at the Fringe this year, see this one.” – Where Are the Shows

“…nothing short of brilliant. Kaitlin Morrow is fiercely funny as the Wildkat.” – Montreal Gazette

More than a dozen glowing reviews, alongside awards, nominations and a bucketload of props from facebook  and twitter.  It’s a safe bet that some day soon WildKat MacReady will ride again! 


Check out the PROMO VIDEO that ran with WoW’s Facebook Campaign


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