Bendy Sign Tavern


Life is hard when you’re a young puppet trying to make your way in the big city. But with a song in her heart and a crew of loveable co-workers by her side, Joan will overcome rude customers, packs of Bachelorette Wolves and literally battle her deepest fears to achieve her dreams.


 BENDY SIGN TAVERN opened in the 2017 Toronto Fringe festival with a SOLD OUT RUN!  Here are some of the reviews:


“cute as frig… Happy hour? More like hilarious hour.”- NNNN – NOW Magazine

“I smell a best of Fringe pick” – Mooney On Theatre

“a lovely departure from their usual Action/Adventure fare” (A-) –My Entertainment World



Sex T-Rex re-imagined the Pilot Week Winning Bendy Sign Coffee as an hour long Fringe show set within the Paddock Tavern!  It’s sure to run again, maybe even before the end of 2017- so you may yet be able to catch the show and grab a pint from a puppet while you’re at it!