Sex T-Rex

SEX T-REX (est. 2008):

Award-Winning, crowd pleasing, “unpretentious” improv, and Award-Winning, genre-bending scripted shows.

Sex T-Rex is comedy, made up, for you.

Thanks for coming to our site,  it really shows a lot of style and class, and we appreciate it.  Take some time to click on some things, and you’ll see more pictures and words about Sex T-Rex, all of which convey meaning (certain clicks will even take you to interviews or videos which also have sound).  Then maybe give us a shout, like the stylish, classy website visitor you are.

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Sex T-Rex (né Sexual Tyrannosaurus) is a Toronto-based Comedy troupe whose cinematic style, wild physicality and spot-on parody has delighted audiences across Canada and the USA.  Veteran improvisors, with hundreds of performances under their Cretaceous belts, Sex T-Rex branched out into scripted comedy in 2011.  Their shows Callaghan! and the Wings of the Butterfly , Leviathan and Watch Out WildKat! have all garnered rave reviews and their latest show, SwordPlay: A Play of Swords won the Just For Laughs Best Comedy award for 2015!

Sex T-Rex is the perfect gateway drug for theatre- imaginative, fast-paced and hilarious, we put on a whirlwind show packed with action and heart.



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