Julinversity – Part 2

You’re back! FINALLY.

So, now the question is – when did/do I become hugely successful? Well it turns out, there are more than a few top hats wanderlusting round the University campus. There are in fact thousands of asians. And that’s just in China.

My first brush with success was a second year seminar course (being a course that ignores auditoriums and pretends a class is only 20 20 year olds). This class gave my post acting school and heavy improv bonered self a chance to spread my wit around unsuspecting younger-than-me’s. I brought levity and surprise to a class that studied Tolstoy and Nazism (the class subject should be obvious) that I was taken aback to find at the end of the year, fellows in my class swooned me. Swooned, I Say!

We met outside Vic college after the final class and gaped at each other, no longer with the guide of a wisened old book of a man. Conversation seemed daunting and, how do I put it, non-academic. Herewere the opposite gender – should we date immediately? Herewere ppl of the same gender – punch now? But they all looked at me, the wise ass, to organize.

Sidenote: I find that my height and ‘wolf eyes’ sometimes gives the impression that I am the leader. Which I am.

The point being, I did not organize, we all went our seperate ways. Except for a romantic exploit with one lady, I never talked to my fellow Nazi Tolstoylians again. Except for a wave or a nod at the cross roads of the towers.

It then started to rain. Hard.

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