If you’re not up on your Toronto Improv Politics you might not know that the venerable Bad Dog Theatre has become to official training centre of Comedy Bar. Julie Dumais, the incredible AP of Bad Dog, graciously asked me to develop a class for her new curriculum and I came up with a training tool for trained actors who think they can’t improvise. I meet tons of professional and amateur actors, young and old, who think their instrument only extends as far as the script they’re given. I think this is a fallacy, and I developed a class that (Hopefully) breaks the stigma of working without text.

It’s eight weeks of two-hour classes in conjunction with five weeks of performance in a student-friendly showcase show in the Comedy Bar Cabaret space. Students get adjudicated after each performance by me and a guest teacher from elsewhere in the Bad Dog faculty, thereby ensuring a balanced note session.

For more details and to sign up, check out the Bad Dog’s new website here: http://www.baddogtheatre.com/bdt/classes/event-registration?ee=11

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