Montreal Fringe Press & Reviews!

Only two days into our run, at our home-away-from-home the Montreal Improv Theatre (OFF Venue A), we’ve got two stellar reviews, two radio interviews, and two killer appearances on the late-night talk show the 13th Hour!

Thanks to everyone who has and continues to support Sex T-Rex in everything we do!


Movement Museum hosted by Allison Burns and Jenn Doan is a dance and movement-focused show that we snuggled our way into. Listen to Kaitlin & Colin gab about the genesis of Callaghan, from improv to script, and the benefit of trusting an audience’s imagination over filling space with props and set pieces.

Edge of the City is a weekly radio show hosted by our good friends Paul Aflalo, Asaf Gerchak, & Uncalled For’s Matt Goldberg. Colin phoned into their Fringe special last monday, which should be up for download soon.


Bloody Underrated came to our opening night and raved about the show. “This show is a non-stop high energy whirlwind of comedy…”

Plein Espace (Search of SEX T-REX PRESENTS CALLAGHAN) This one is in french, a cool and unique bonus of performing in MTL, and is equally enthusiastic about the performance “Callaghan! est un exercice de style tout à fait réussi”

Check back here for more and, if you’re in Montreal this week, you can buy tickets online HERE

4 thoughts on “Montreal Fringe Press & Reviews!

  1. I saw your show last night : Amazing!! By far the best play I have ever seen. You are extremely talented! Can’t wait to see another show of yours!

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