Back just in time to leave again!

Heyo fans and friends and secret spies, we’re finally back to reality after months of rehearsing, travelling, promoting, showing, and partying. A critical account of our success is provided below in the post labelled ‘Fringe Buzz’ but I know what you really want to know: was Sex T-Rex’s first Fringe tour the best? Yes it was.

We recently had our AGM and settled on a few things, most importantly
1)  We’re not breaking up

2) We love each other very muxh

3) We’re going to New York in two weeks

That’s right, Sex T-Rex will mark it’s second appearance in the United States with a slot in the ridiculous Del Close Marathon; a fifty-hour non-stop improv orgy featuring teams from all over the planet, including fellow TO pals S&P, Big In Japan, WDWMKR, and The Jenkins Syndrome. We’ve got a celebratory show to raise some cash for that trip, the details of which are available in the ‘Upcoming Shows’ widget at the bottom of the page, and by searching for ‘Sex T Rex Bling Blang New York!’ in Facebook. We’ve already confirmed the Rude Leaves, Tony Ho, and The Templeton Philharmonic will be there, so don’t miss out.

The biggest thing we agreed on at the AGM was this: We love you, we love seeing you, and we love making you laugh. We’ll be trying out many news ways of accomplishing this in the months ahead, so stay tuned!

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