Sex T-Rex has a beautiful blessing, and that is the blessing of a name that people seem to like.  Improv team names are a strange breed: Right now Robin and I are out on tour, and we frequently read signs and discuss wether they are improv team names, band names, or just stupid and funny.  There’s something special about the naming of an Improv team, and I’ve tried to capture that in the new 2011 IMPROV TEAM NAME GENERATOR!  Use it for your next team or just make up some names and laugh about them.  Either way you have my endorsement.


Step 1- Get a d20.  If you’re not nerdy enough to know what a d20 is, it’s a die with 20 faces on it.  If you’re not nerdy enough to HAVE a d20, they can be found in numerous online simulators.

Step 2- “Roll” the “die” three times, and match up your results in each column for your very own GENERATED IMPROV TEAM NAME!  Some rules apply-

a) The “…” fields represent “nothing”

b) A bracketed phrase indicates that you can choose to include, or not include the enclosed phrase.  Otherwise you must slavishly follow the generator even if you have a very funny and reasonable alteration.  Not allowed!

Step 3- Enjoy your team’s name (for example a roll of 20, 6, 15 would be “Goddamn Face”).

Here she be:

1 That Improv (and) company
2 Breakneck Make-Believe Society
3 Improv Banana Crunch
4 Everybody loves And Jam
5 Danger Grain-Fed Life
6 Too Many Goddamn Tyrannosaurus
7 The New Sub-Prime (with) Andy
8 Urban For Weasels
9 The Bear(‘s) Fishing …‘s Day Off
10 Poop Dancing Party
11 The Unwed Grandpappy(’s) Cousins
12 Tremendous Without Service Animals
13 Not your Mother’s Theory (of) WHAAAAAT?
14 Dead Man’s Kitten And a Baby
15 Moustache-Free Poop Face
16 Shoeless Joe’s Gluten-Free Crabs
17 The Great Flying Improv
18 Remember (the)… Taste Thing
19 Baritone Sex Poop

Fun, isn’t it.  You’re having fun!  Really, WE’re having fun.  So, enjoy, and post your favorite results as comments here or on our Facebook group.  The best one will win a free Sex T-Rex Gold Club Membership!  Ooooooh!  Gold!

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